Italic Logo

Italic is the name of our games company. The basic idea for the logo was to make it both masculine and feminine at the same time, and I therefore I to incorporate both hard and soft elements. I basically tried to make a mix of the elegant and feminine Chanel logo and Märklin‘s masculine functionalist logo.


When working with the logo, I realized that I would need to use the logo in a number of different scenarios. It has to look good on a black, white or coloured background, on a business card and on a tablet screen. I may want to make a horror game one day. Or a Barbie game. And the logo has to look as if it is a natural part of both worlds. I therefore focused on making a very flexible logo that could be used in relation with a variety of products.


The final logo ended up being a symbol and a name – encapsulated by a circle. I could have chosen to leave out one of those elements – as for example the ‘I’-symbol or the surrounding circle, but having all the elements in the core logo allows me to divert from it in numerous ways.  I can for example change the colour to black, change the surrounding circle to a different shape – or leave out the name if I need to. The logo will still remain recognizable. And having the option to deviate from the core logo gives me a much broader palette of design options.

Here’s a video which displays the numerous steps I went through when making the logo. I often see logos made by other people and wonder how much time was spent making them. You’d think a simple logo would take a few minutes, but as you may understand when watching the video it usually takes a lot of hours to make one.