You play the captain on board a ferry which transports animals across a river. Different animal species will board the ferry one by one, and it’s up to you to place them in the right room.

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All animals are happy to stay in the single room. Each double room can house two animals, and some animals are better travel partners than others. A moose and an elephant are great roommates, as they have no reason to be enemies. A lion and a gorilla make a bad team, as they both have a hot temper. An anaconda and a sheep are really bad roommates, as the anaconda will want to eat the sheep. You can swap animals from one room to another at any time, and once all the animals are happy, the ferry takes off and the level ends.

Animal Captain world overview

The game has 5 worlds, ranging from the hot savannah to the icy polar region.

Animal Captain farm world

The Farm World

The farm world is home to a series of classic farm animals, such as pigs, cows, dogs and chickens. Most animals get along fairly well, but beware – two troublemakers tend to disturb the harmony on board: One is the cat, who likes most other animals… but hates dogs… and who wants to eat both mice and birds! The other is the fox, whose taste for meat makes it an unpopular travelling partner for all other animals.

Animal Captain jungle world

The Jungle
The rainy  jungle offers a mix of herbivores and carnivores, which is obviously bound to cause some trouble. Elephants, apes and jungle birds make fine pairs, but once  a snake, a panther or a tiger decides to board the ship, it takes a clever captain to stop them from eating the other passengers!

Animal Captain Savannah

The Savannah
The sun always shines on the dry savannah. Zebras, flamingos and wildebeests are frequent travellers in this region, but so are lions, hyenas and cheetahs!

Animal Captain Tundra

The Tundra
This chilly northern area is inhabited by quite a number of savage beasts. This world requires a lot of attention as ravens and moose are easily mixed up with bears and wolves!

Animal Captain Polar Region

The Polar Region
Even further north lies  an even more  challenging world in which the predators outnumber the prey. Polar bears, eagles and snow leopards are not only rivals, but also present a constant danger to seals, penguins and seagulls.